What is Lora?


In this regard, we will introduce you to what the LoRa Concept is.

LoRa is the epitome of long range. It is one of the effective long range and low power wireless communication systems developed by Semtech.

“LoRa devices offer attractive features for IoT applications, including long-range communication, low power consumption, and secure data transmission. The technology can be used by public, private or hybrid networks and provides greater coverage than Cellular networks.”

By Semtech

LoRa is a new modulation technique created by differentiating fsk modulation. It consists of the first syllables of the words Long Range and has some advantages over competing technologies such as Wi-Fi, GSM and wired communications. With the development of Internet of Things technologies, long distance data transfer and low power consumption have become an important problem. LoRa allows bidirectional communication over a much longer range than competing technologies.

The biggest advantage of Lora communication technology is that it allows making sensor solutions that work very well with batteries.


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