What is Internet of Things (IoT)?


In this regard, we will introduce you to what the IoT Concept is.

The Internet of Things is a term first coined by Kevin Ashton in a presentation he made in 1999. Therefore, Kevin Ashton is shown as the inventor of this concept. Kevin Ashton, who first used the concept of Internet of Things in his presentation here, used the concept of Internet of Things while describing the benefits of radio frequency identification technology in the supply chain of Procter & Gamble (P&G).

The definition of Internet of Things used today is; It is explained as the fact that the objects we use in our daily life can exchange data with other objects (devices) via the internet and that these objects are in complete synchronization with each other.

Today, the connection of many objects from cars to homes, from electrical devices to mobile devices through the internet and the realization of data exchange in this way shows that the concept of the Internet of Things has gradually entered our lives.

It should not be thought that what we call the Internet of Things is limited to certain devices only. Because everything brought by the internet and technology can be included in the scope of the Internet of Things. For example, thanks to a sensor placed in the bread basket, the condition of the bread in the basket can be detected and this sensor can inform the consumer about the status of the bread when the consumer approaches the house at a certain distance. Such examples can be expanded innumerably, depending on the imagination and the circumstances of the day. Therefore, the Internet of Things can apply to almost any object that exists in our lives.


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